Tiffney Martin

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After graduation, Tiffney passed the NCLEX and accepted an RN position at CMH - Med Surg.

BTC is... wonderful.
— Tiffney M

What is your favorite memory from your program? 

"When one of our classmates was going through a difficult time and the entire class prayed together. At that moment I realized my problems were small compared to others. " 

What was the most valuable skill you learned during your program?

"That no matter how stressful life gets, if I keep pushing forward I will make it!"

In 5 years I hope to... 

"have a BSN and be working in labor & deliver or ER or ICU."

What is one thing you learned from a classmate?

"Patience. It's hard to mix a wide variety of personalities with a stressful situation. You have to be patient and be a team player to survive nursing school."