Kimberly Leith

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After graduation, Kimberly passed the NCLEX and accepted an RN position at Butterfield Pediatric Clinic.

BTC is... empowering, encouraging, and supportive.
— Kimberly L.

What is your favorite memory from your program? 

“Sim lab with Ms. Schmidt.“

What was the most valuable skill you learned during your program?

"This is tough to narrow down. I’ve learned so many practical and valuable skills from each teacher. I’ve encountered courage, self-confidence, stepping out of my comfort zone, tenacity, and perseverance, and so many more qualities that will help me excel in my practice as an RN.“

In 5 years I hope to... 

"be an ever-growing, confident RN in a role that encourages and empowers others pursuing this high calling, to be all they can be, and the best possible RN to bring joy to people’s lives at the times they need it most. Also participating in yearly medical missions."