Bolivar Technical College focuses on healthcare programs and because of the small class sizes, the students of BTC become like a family during their program. They spend a lot of time together during their program and create some really great memories along the way! BTC wanted to capture those memories in this yearbook so graduates can look back on the great (and not so great) times during their program. Take a look at the journey our students went through during their MA, LPN, LPN to RN, or RN program!


LPN Class of 2018

Pictured left to right, back row: Angela Dodd, Nashe Luthy, Taylor Carver, Stephanie Terry, Ashlee Holm and Jenna Stoutt.

Pictured left to right, middle row: Lindsey Weaver, Kim Phillips, Rachael McDavid, Jessica Boyd, Katlyn Carter, Kelsey Youngblood, Kayla Powell, Jocelyn Schwab, Amie Lurten, Ashly Kleeman and Amber Pemberton.

Pictured left to right, front row: Lucinda Schmidt, faculty; Bailee Bailey, faculty; Erin Mock, RN program coordinator; Kayla Holder, LPN program coordinator; Janie Jones, faculty; Crystal Ericksen, faculty; Mandi Crites, faculty.


RN Class of 2018

Pictured left to right, front row: Renae Barb, Amber Robbins, Lacy Taylor, Tyler Leith, Sierra Watson, Katie Hickey, Melanie Harris, Cailyn Waide, Chelsea Stoutt and Suret Woodman.

Middle row: Tyler Buttry, Ashlyn Keyes, Becky McClurg, Lucinda Schmidt, faculty; Amber Ennis, faculty; Katrina Mawhiney, RN Program Coordinator; Mandi Crites, faculty; Bailee Bybee, faculty; Alisha McGuire, Mikayla Francka and AbigayleDavis.

Back row: Jeremy Odneal, Hayley Nelson, Nakita Williams, Courtney Gott, Ginger Ashlock, Riley Renno, Tiffney Martin, Heather Aufiero, Noelle Oney and Rachele Pendergrass.


MA Spring Class of 2018

Pictured left to right: Tami Hutchinson, Simulation Lab Assistant; Betty Tilleman, Chelsea Peterman, Hayley Gahm, Lori Ledford, Sierra Wilson and Lindsey Steiro, MA Coordinator.


LPN Class of 2017

Pictured left to right, front row: Samantha Harness, Tori Foster; Mrs. Teri Komm, faculty; Ms. Kayla Holder, faculty; Mrs. Erin Mock, LPN coordinator; Mrs. Donna Segelberg, faculty and Tia Foreman.

Middle row: Jessica Crawford, Jessica Scott, Felicia Rivera, Amanda Marquis,Tyson Gillis, Samantha Coats, Ashley Allen, Whytney Woodward and Rhonda Forsythe.

Back row: Laura Anderson, Brianna Kennedy, Jessica King, Angela Dismang, Macala Rife, Amber Leal, Jessica Johnson and April Jones.