Courtney Gott

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After graduation, Courtney passed the NCLEX and accepted an RN position at Mercy 5A - Post Partum.

BTC is... tight-knit.
— Courtney G

What is your favorite memory from your program? 

"I loved how close our class was! For the most part we were always there for each other and encouraged one another." 

What was the most valuable skill you learned during your program?

"That you can't always control what happens around you. You just have to do what you were taught and do what is best for the patient. Always look out for your patients because not everyone will!"

In 5 years I hope to... 

"have a family with my husband and be well established with my job. I would also like to either be working on my Bachelors degree (BSN) or be finished with it. My end goal is to obtain my Masters degree."

What is one thing you learned from a classmate?

"That your struggles are not bigger than what God can handle."